Mohabbat Ko Majburi Ka Naam Mat Dena,
HaKeeqat Ko Hadso Ka Naam Mat Dena,
Agar Dil Mein Ho PYAR Kisi K Liye Toh,
Usse Kabhi DOSTI Ka Naam Mat Dena…!!.
Kuch khoye bina hamne paya hai,
kuch mange bina hame mila hai,
naz hai hame apni takdir par
jisane aap jaise dost se milaya hai !
Good Relations dont Need any Promises,
Terms or Conditions.
It just Needs two Wonderful People
“One who can Trust
& One who can Understand”
Stars are unapproachable,
Sun is very hot,Moon is too far,
So God gave me some friends like U,
So that i can say..
Can u close Ur eyes for a minute please.
Thank u.
did U feel how dark it was?
This is my life
without a sweet friend like YOU!!
Aap sochte honge ki hamari
aur se aanewale sms ka
silsila kab khatam hoga?
Janab ye to EKTA KAPUR
ke serial jaisa hai.
A Heart die’s when it is
not able to share its feelings.
But a heart kills itself
when another heart
doesn’t understands its feelings.
Dear Friend
I can’t give SOLUTIONS to
all of life’s problems,
but i can listen to u,
&together we’ll search for an ANSWER.
I can’t keep u’r FEET from stumbling,
i can only offer my hand
that u may grasp it & not FALL.
I can’t keep u’r HEART from breaking or hurting,
but i can cry wid u & help u SMILE again.
but I can only SHARE wid u what life offers.
Pal 2 pal ki khushiyo k liye,
7 jo tera chooda hai,
Umrr bhar k liye,
Humne dukho se nata joda hai,
Tum sang kitne khush the hum,
Mere dard k aage aaj Asmaan b thodda hai,
Tum the hamare,
To begane bhi apne the,
Jate hi tere mere apno ne bhi muhh moda hai
Is hawa me khushbu hai tumhari,
Is chand ki Roshni me surat hai tumhari,
Is Dil se jo mar kar bhi juda na ho sake,
Wo sirf or sirf dosti hai tumhari
Once in a lyftym sum1 breaks ur heart,
n if u stil feel 2 hold tht person
wid evry broken piece.
That AMAZING pain is calld TRUE LOVE.
Some people have nice EYES
Some people have nice SMILES
Others have a nice FACES
But my Friend U r Lucky,
I have all of them
Stars r seen together,
yet they r so far apart.
Good friends may not speak everyday,
but remember they r always linked
Mohabbat ki har gali gumnam kyon hain,
judai aur maut ishq ka anjaam kyon hain,
log dete hai ise naam khuda ka,
toh phir yeh mohabbat itni badnaam kyon hai.
Being happy doesn’t mean
tht everything’s perfect.
It just means you’ve decided
to see everything beyond the imperfections.
Never walk away from true friends,
even when you see some faults.
Realize that nobody is perfect.
It’s the affection that matters,
not perfection.
Dil zindagi se bezar hai malum nahi kyon,
Seene me saans hai malum nahi kyon.
Iqrarewafa yaar ne har ek se kiya,
Mujh se hi bas inkar hai malum nahi kyon.

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